How Mike Hoare found happiness in prison

Now, in November 2021, it is nearly two years since Mike set off on his last adventure. Politely, of course. He was 100 years old, even though he had lived dangerously. An extraordinary man, and extraordinary in so many ways ….

It's interesting to observe which of my memories of him take on greater significance or percolate to the top, as it were, as the months go by. Here's one. I remember how Mike told me something that had helped him survive his years in prison. He said that early on, an old prisoner who had served many years 'inside', took him aside and gave him some advice. He said if Mike wanted to retain his sanity and achieve a measure of happiness while inside, he should identify a man less fortunate than himself and make life easier for him wherever possible. It could be done anonymously, or not, he said.

And that idea keeps replaying in my mind. And I find I am trying harder in that regard. Certainly in my experience, you get filled with a fabulous and happy feeling when you help someone less fortunate. And so you do it again. You get happy, and you make the other person happy. Most likely this is what makes the world go round, not the other stuff.

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Chris Hoare
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