Mike Hoare fervently believed in the power of prayer.

Mike Hoare was a Christian believer and was particularly strong on the power of prayer. Further, in an appendix in his book 'Congo Mercenary' where he lists his '5 Commando rules for battle', item 1 on the list is: Pray God daily.

Cut to the 'Congo Warriors' book. It is a compilation of 21 short stories about mercenary soldiering in the Congo, written by Mike in 1988/89. He invariably described it as his 'favourite book', and certainly it is cleverly written, even if sometimes Mike embellishes the facts on occasion.

The book was published as a hardcover edition in 1990. Not long after this, Mike was annoyed to find that the publisher had sold all the copies to a book club. Probably this is why the book is hard to find these days, and possibly why it commands an enormous price on secondhand book websites. How about $399 for a hardcover volume?

In Story 6 Mike relates that many of the men would seek refuge in prayer as a battle with the enemy approached, no doubt asking to be spared. And he says some of the men would look for a sign that their request would be granted. And he goes on to relate light-heartedly how 'God' spoke to the men during a Sunday service on the eve of a battle. Mike had a tremendous sense of humour.

Congo Warriors, front cover

You can see Mike Hoare himself reading that story in the video titled: Mike Hoare fervently believed in the power of prayer on our YouTube channel.

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