Below is an extract from 'Mad Mike' Hoare: The Legend, in which the author, Chris Hoare, gives a British journalist's impressions on meeting Mike Hoare in the Congo in 1964 …

Of the meeting, Anthony Mockler wrote of Mike in his book The New Mercenaries, 'That evening he took me out for a drink in a bar on Boulevard 30 Juin. He drank orange juice himself. ... He talked of his crusade against communism and told me how in order to instil the regimental spirit he insisted on church parade and football matches every Sunday for the "volunteers" ... of 5 Commando.' Another who encountered Mike at that time and went on a rescue mission with Mike and his men was the British photographer Don McCullin. He later said of Mike, 'He wasn't totally mad, but he liked that dashing, kind of pimpernel, kind of ... name. There was goodness in Mike Hoare, but not much goodness in what he stood for. He was in it for the adventure and money…'

Mike Hoare

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